Paint Color Trends for 2021

Neutral Colors

After a stressful 2020, expect to see a return to nostalgic, neutral colors. This symbolizes comfort, healing, wellness and represents a slower pace lifestyle. Colors to look for include Cerulean and Aegean blues, oatmeal hues and earth tones.

Comforting Colors

More than any other time, right now we are looking to our personal spaces to give us a feeling of calm and looking to escape the world issues going on. Warm, serene colors and pastels are making a strong return.  Keep a look out for rejuvenating colors including soft reds and off whites this year.


With this palette, add touches of vibrant colors for a beautiful contrast. You can expect to see nature hues on the rise. In 2021, these nature tones will reflect a desire to reflect the outside after spending 2020 cooped up inside due to the pandemic. Colors to expect include rust tones and hues in the gold to orange palette.

2021 Paint Colors

Here are two 2021 paint colors that will give you the calm atmosphere you are looking for while providing a solid foundation to add accent colors.

Aegean Teal

Benjamin Moore’s 2021 color of the year is Aegean Teal. It is a combination of a calming blue, a natural green, and a soothing grey. It is a great choice for a bedroom or living room. Aegean Teal is a beautiful choice for homeowners looking to use a bluish hue in their home without the melancholy undertones that come with blue.

Urbane Bronze

Urbane Bronze is the Sherwin Williams’ 2021 color of the year. Their selection is founded in the desire to create a sense of relaxation at home. Urbane Bronze helps to create a serene space at home, given its ability to pair well with natural materials. Use this color to give your home a sense of calm by painting an accent wall or trim with Urbane Bronze. The color complements greys and modern greens.

Paint Color Trends for 2021
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